Employment Process

We continue to focus on understanding the individual needs and objectives of our candidates and clients. The knowledge, skill and reliability of our sales and recruitment staff continue to provide us with a reputation for supplying the right people in a timely and professional manner.

Step 1: Job Requisition

Once we receive a job requisition from our client, it is the responsibility of ACT Consulting to professionally assist our client company with recruiting, sourcing, obtaining, and providing the most qualified candidates and talent available for the job.

Step 2: Interview Process

Our vigorous interview process ensures our clients prescreened talent ready to be interviewed and hired. The interview process at ACT Consulting starts with our technical recruiters screening potential consultants over the phone and face to face when possible. Once the initial screening is complete, we often conduct a second interview with one of our technical specialists who perform an in-depth technical screen, gauging the candidate's practical skills. The technical screen often involves passing our online technical testing software before we present the candidate to our client. Once the candidate passes our internal interviewing process, we then submit their resume to our client. If the client is interested in our candidate, they will conduct their own technical interview. If the interview goes well for both parties, there will be an offer extended to the candidate through ACT Consulting.

Step 3: On Boarding

Once a candidate is selected for one of our positions, they will be sent an offer letter which will clearly state the candidates pay rate or salary and all of the benefits offered at ACT Consulting. We also send all of our "New Hire" paper work which consists of many documents from both our client and our internal documents. Some of these documents include client Non-Disclosures, background release forms, Federal and state tax forms and drug testing forms. All of our clients require candidates to pass a criminal background check, employment and education verification and a 5-10 panel drug test before starting their assignment. This process generally takes 5 business days to complete.

Step 4: Work Assignment

Upon a successful on boarding the candidate is now given a specific start date and physical location where to report for their assignment. In most cases the candidate will be given a website with a username and password where time worked will be reported on a weekly basis.